Saturday, 28 March 2015

Planning summer....

Gardening…. over the winter I had no heart for it.
Last year I caught the gardening bug, thought I might have lost it, but no, I loved spending an hour in the greenhouse today.

Firstly clearing the bench.


Unwrapping Sweetpeas seedlings from Sarah Raven.  
Due to circumstances I’m late starting this year, so indulged in a 30% off offer to buy some ready made.
As it were.

Openig sweetpeas

Popping two in a pot.
I have no idea if I do things “correctly” in the garden, I just do what feels right.
Seems to work most of the time.

Sweetpeas in pot

Also planted some seeds we kept from last years crop.
Two months late starting, but as Northumberland is a month behind southern gardens I’m only a month behind.  

Sweetpeas planted

It was so windy this afternoon I was literally holding the greenhouse in place.  You can see its come away from the base.  
Thank goodness I have extra bracing poles and large and strong benches in there.
It was all a little scary.
Over the years all the glass has blown out and been replaced with plastic.  
You’d think being in the valley we’d be sheltered?  
Not a chance, that wind comes straight of Cheviot and through my garden.

Greenhouse moving

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